12 07, 2016

Process Development Discussions

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DRAGON SHALE LLC (Dragon Shale) has been advised by ETTANET LLC (Ettanet) that BLUE ENSIGN TECHNOLOGIES LIMITED (BLE) is in discussion with a major Japanese engineering corporation whereby BLE believe an engagement could present a unique and pertinent opportunity for progressing the development of their new oil shale conversion technology. ...

30 04, 2015

New interns to join Ettanet and SALLC

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Ettanet, SALLC and Blue Ensign are very pleased to have six undergraduate students from the prestigious Nanyang Technology University (NTU) of Singapore intern with them during the summer. Four of the students; Lee Sey Chee, Tey Hui Jie, Wen Guo and Lam Shao Ying will work with Ettanet and Blue Ensign ...