Our experienced industry veterans working directly with industry newcomers have identified innovative processing technologies not foreseen by those with a conventional oil background. Our veterans ensure technically and commercially sound results. The newcomers are from fields including; Chemical Engineering, Master of Technology Management and Petroleum Engineering bring fresh unbiased insights. These newcomers have identified some of the most surprising basic innovations. The team is now focused on experimental development, licensing and deployment of our technologies and identifying and developing suitable resources.


Together Ron and O.J. have over eighty years of career experience in the hydrocarbon sector. Through collaboration on research into the oil shale industry in early 2015 they have discovered a shared enthusiasm for solving the many challenges the industry has faced.

O.J. Schneider
O.J. SchneiderCo-founder
As Co-Founder of Dragon Shale O. J. brings his experience as a Senior Industry Consultant working in oil & gas supply, refining and distribution commercial, operational and technical issues. He has acted as an expert to law firms, banks, private equity, insurers, operating companies as well as industry product, services and technology providers, also experienced and knowledgeable as a systems and solutions provider enabling design, delivery and support of performance management solutions and components.
Ron Stites
Ron StitesCo-founder
Ron holds a BS Degree in Chemistry and an MBA in Finance and Accounting.  He brings years of experience in analytical chemistry and the building and management of laboratories for the testing of hazardous wastes, petroleum, radiological, catalysis and engineering studies. Ron holds a number of patents in gasification and catalysis. Now focusing on industrial chemistry and chemical applications Ron co-founded Dragon Shale to bring a new perspective and ideas to the industry.

Technical Board

Our team of technical and business advisors

Dragon Shale’s team of advisors have a broad range of backgrounds, both business and technical. Covering fields from reaction engineering and analysis, process design and optimisation, construction through to finance and project management. Let’s meet the team.

Jerrod HohmanProcess Design & Optimization
Jerrod has over twenty years of process engineering experience across the spectrum from research and development of new products and technologies to project definition, development, and execution for existing products and processes. He has worked in oil and natural gas production and refining, petrochemicals and polymer production and biofuels development. He also has experience in developing and optimizing process flow sheets for commercial facilities and then “scaling down” to inform and guide research and development program activities. Having moved back and forth between operating companies and engineering design firms throughout his career, Jerrod brings a unique perspective to the management of external engineering assets to technology development and scale-up projects. He holds a degree in chemical engineering from Kansas State University.
Gary DorstGovernment relations
Gary’s expertise includes defining and executing; UX research, methodology, architecture and strategy, human factors engineering and including user-centric design, standards (and their development), user research and user interface design management and systems architecture and performance.  Human perception and performance, human memory, research methodologies, advanced and complex statistical analysis.  Data analysis; hypothesis-driven, complex and predictive, web data analysis (web analytics, sampled raw data) and providing empirically-driven recommendations.  Risk management and risk mitigation related to use and use-errors
Chris GoslingProcess Design & Optimization
Chris has 36 years of experience in developing process and catalyst technologies for the petrochemical and refining industries. He has held positions in refinery and petrochemical technology development, commercial process operations, process engineering design development and product line management. Chris’ R&D experience includes leading the development of new technology for upgrading both heavy petroleum fractions and shale oil to ultra-low sulfur gasoline and diesel. Key areas of expertise are refining and petrochemical process design development, catalyst development, assessment of competitive technologies, and introduction of new technology to the industry.
Paul OwenSystems & I.T.
Paul holds undergraduate and postgraduate degrees in Chemical and Biochemical Engineering from UCL in the UK. While at UCL he carried out research into optimal tear stream selection and later moved onto doctorate study at Imperial College involving linear optimisation for control structure selection. Paul’s interests led back to development work on the early world wide web. He contributed to and eventually managed phpBB, a major open source application. Paul now handles I.T., application and web development work for Ettanet and Dragon Shale.
John StromBudgeting & Finance
John brings to our Business Advisory Board a wealth of knowledge and experience in technology development and deployment with special emphasis on economic development aspects. He has worked to advance aerospace, energy, clean tech and life sciences projects in Colorado and Ontario, Canada. He is an expert in international investment development, providing clients with assistance in a wide variety of technical business sectors. He has an electrical and electronics degree from the University of Washington and a communications degree from New York University.
Jim D’AuriaTechnology Management & Licensing
Jim has over 40 years of experience developing and licensing process technology to the petroleum refining and petrochemical industries. He has held positions directing technology licensing, marketing, M&A and technology development functions. Jim has experience conducting business in North America, Europe, Middle East, Russia and Asia. He brings knowledge and skills in market analysis, business strategy development, acquisitions, strategic alliances, intellectual property management, competitive technology evaluations and new technology launches.